Deaf School St Albans shield, small



We'll get the tube nice and early

Pack a lunch and beat the crowds

The south bank never saw such wonders

Catch the mood the sights the sounds


Stacking chairs a thing of wonder

Sculpted molecules of soap

You look so beautiful in nylon

Vivid hues that give us hope


You and I should learn a language

See the Rhine from our Vauxhall

Move out to a garden suburb

Tomorrow's here for one and all


We could meet there

By the Skylon

Floating in the summer sky

Together we can see the future

On the river

Passing by


They say there'll be a train to Europe

Lunch in Paris tea in Rome

We'll have German pals and colleagues

A new TV in every home


Windrush friends are such a tonic

Shrinking world let's take a trip

Clean design, the art of plastic

Frothy coffee on your lip


You and I are on the radar

Vapor trails across the blue

We sign the sky with such a flourish

Roll on 1952