THE WEEKEND starts here. Right here at the LSE on a Friday night where a bunch of enthusiastic supporters are crammed into the main theatre to see Deaf School. Right before the start of the show someone wants to know if they're a punk rock band but Deaf School have little in common with their Sex Pistol contemporaries.
Unique. Refreshing. Inovative. Entertaining. Deaf School could never limit themselves to one particular musical idiom for there's too much creativity within this eight piece group. Their infectious charm revolves around a distinctive amalgamation of styles as diverse as West End musicals, rock 'n' roll, supper-club piano lounge music and straight camp.

With a charismatic front line of singers Enrico Cadillac Jnr., Eric Shark, and Betty Bright, comparisons to the Manhattan Transfer are inevitable but unwarranted. Deaf School make the Manhattan Transfer look painfully one dimensional compared to their own many layered diversity.

And the crowd went crazy. Honest. Each kid was right there from the start of the rollicking 'Get Set Ready Go' to the end of the grand finale 'What A Way To End It All'. The audience reaction was spontaneous, unaffected and genuine. By the end of the performance, all the Deaf School emblems had been ripped off the speakers down front.

Deaf School have improved tremendously in the last six months. Now more theatrically visual than before, the singers take full advantage of the animated soundtrack. Tunes from their debut album like 'Where's The Weekend' and 'Hi Jo Hi' sounded even better onstage than vinyl. But what's even more optimistic is that all the new songs previewed were far superior to previous efforts.

But the very best thing about Deaf School is their sense of humour. They have the intuitive ability to simultaneously laugh at themselves and rock 'n' roll, taking all the trite cliches out of the music and the staging. As they admit in typical British Kinks fashion in 'Where's The Weekend', "Friday's here, here we go (where's the money), I'm in style for awhile (what's so funny)."

Deaf School are in style for much more than awhile. File them under THE NEXT BIG THING. Right there at the LSE last Friday night, Deaf School put on a show that all the money in the world couldn't rival. The weekend starts here. Order yours now.

© Barbara Charone, 1976 Reproduced by kind permission of

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