Deaf School St Albans shield, small

Bob The Lodger


Now Bob the lodger

Christian Bob

Kept it dark about his job

Read his bible

Said his prayers

In a tiny room below the stairs


Where he saw JESUS!

Yes, he saw JESUS!


Sister Jude enjoyed her food

And making cocktails in the nude

She wrote to Yassa Arafat

And tied a banger to her cat


And this hurt JESUS!

And this hurt JESUS!


Ohhh naughty, naughty sister Jude



But Donald was a modest guy

Who never ever told a lie

But when St. Peter spoiled his fun

He punched a nun and pulled a gun


Yes, he shot JESUS!

He shot JESUS!


Bang, bang, bang diddy bang, bang, bang


And now he’s doing time

Yes, he shot JESUS!

Oh Yes, praise the Lord

We are in the presence of great evil

You feel the bullets striking you

I got one in the butt just now

Somebody’s touching my foot

I feel it

I feel the power

I feel the power draining from me

Please stop it, stop it

Shining, shining light

The light’s shining, shining