Deaf School St Albans shield, small cover!

Enrico & Bette xx

The band had a series of four gigs in August 2013, all of them around the Bank Holiday weekend, and two more in October, plus an impromptu short set at the Liverpool Book Launch on 18 October.  


Book Launch week ran from 18 October to 24 October and involved the Book Launch party at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts ('LIPA'), the opening of the Deaf School Exhibition at Liverpool John Moores  University curated by Bryan Bigg sof The Bluecoat, a Masterclass Lecture by Clive Langer for LIPA music students - oh, and the two gigs in Liverpool and London!  


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DS book cover - small Hoxton B&K citadel-1

St Helens

Saturday 24 August

Solfest, Aspatria

Sunday 25 August

Sefton Park, Liverpool

Monday 26 August

LIMF Solfest square

Under construction


Saturday 19 October


Thursday 24 October

Jazz Cafe East Village

Under construction


Friday 18 October


2013 gig reviews and photos!